The Festival aims to inform, educate and inspire, and to give you the opportunity to access information and advice from experienced practitioners that will support and encourage you in your future smallholding ventures.

For 2021 the Festival ran with the theme of “Sustainability on the smallholding”.

9:00am Welcome message (5m)

1. A welcome message from the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands, Mairi Gougeon MSP, talking about the importance of smallholders in the Scottish Rural economy.

9:15am How to make your property more sustainable (17m)

Martin Rennie from event sponsors, Galbraith, talks about how to find and make a property more sustainable drawing on his own experience as well as that of the firm.

9:45am Sustainable Livestock Grazing (36m)

Annette Marshall from SAC Consulting joins us to talk about sustainable livestock grazing, regenerative farming and the right approach to take for smallholders who want to leave a lighter footprint.

10:30am The sustainable use of antibiotics (41m)

Antibiotics are a very hot topic at the moment, and in this session Fiona Crowden from SRUC Vets will talk about how farmers and smallholders can keep their antibiotic use sustainable.

11:30am Guidance for pig keepers (20m)

In this additional talk for the virtual Festival, hear from the APHA on guidance for Pig Keepers. APHA were at the Festival in the Pig area so its great to get this added advice from them.

12 noon Local abattoirs in Scotland and sustainable local meat production (58m)

The Big Issue Discussion: how can we have sustainable local meat production without a network of local abattoirs.

In this discussion chaired by Claire Taylor of The Scottish Farmer, you will hear from the Princes Countryside Fund who recently authored a report on the topic, from Rare Breeds Survival Trust for whom this is a key issue, a representative from Food Standards Scotland, a local Butcher and an abattoir owner. The debate was lively and informative!

1:15pm Bird flu 2021 – finding the information you need (30m)

In another additional and highly topical talk, SRUC bring us up to date on Avian Flu and the information you need.

2:00pm Lameness and infectious foot disease in sheep (45m)

Caroline Robinson from SRUC runs a sheep lecture each year at the Festival looking at how to get the best out of your sheep. One of her most popular talks is on foot disease and lameness in sheep, and here she gives us an extra talk for the virtual Festival on the topic.

3:00pm Global Farm Sustainability Metric (25m)

Join the Deputy CEO of the Sustainable Food Trust, Adele Jones, for a presentation on their global farm sustainability metric which helps farms large and small to work out their progress towards sustainable operation.

3:30pm Upcycling on the smallholding (10m)

What can be done to upcycle goods on the farm, smallholding or any setting? Hear from the Angus Upcycling Project who take us through their project, plans and ideas.